Kidnapping of children from schools termed untrue by Karachi police


KARACHI: Reports of children getting kidnapped from schools were termed untrue by Karachi police on Friday.

Addressing a presser, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) South Javed Alam Odho said the circulating news of children going missing from their schools is false.

“No child has been kidnapped from outside a school,” he stated.

The DIG went on to observe that an eight-month-old baby was snatched from her mother by a veiled woman in the spheres of Napier police station Hussianpura.

The case against the incident was filed by the parents subsequent to which, a suspect was traced by the investigation team identified as Abdul Qader from Sarjani.

During an interrogation, the suspect revealed that he still has the infant who was handed to him readily by the mother.

His claims were later proven authentic following a probe while he further revealed that other members of the family were not informed of the act by the woman.

DIG Odho concluded the presser asserting that the disappearances of children have been on the rise due to other reasons including forceful labor, physical abuse and fights that result in children fleeing from their homes.

He also added that 126 children have returned to other homes as well.


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