Junoon all set to reignite the 90’s furore


Junoon creates furore in Pakistan after an absence of almost three decades. The rock stars are all set to perform in Karachi on the 25th of December in front of a jam packed junooni crowd wanting to relive the magic created by the band in the 90’s.

The sufi rock band who raised a tsunami in the past with their music have had their set of controversies in the 90’s for being outspoken and rebellious and faced repercussions in the form of a three year ban for their song “Ehtsaab”.

Junoon is among South Asia s most revered bands and enjoys a cult following. The Q magazine regarded them as “One of the biggest bands in the world” and The New York Times called Junoon “the U2of Pakistan”.

The band is comprised of Ali Azmat, Salman Ahmed and Brian, its name came forth as an epiphany that Salman Ahmed had in a dream that he had junoon for music and after waking up the word junoon was all that he remembered.

With a sold out concert and twice as many wanting to witness the legends back together Salman Ahmed ensures fans to add more dates.


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