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ISI played key role in solving Faizabad sit-in issue: report


Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) had played key role in peaceful resolution of Faizabad sit-in staged by right-wing Tehreek Labbaik Ya RasoolAllah (TLYRA), stated a report acquired exlcusively by Dunya News.

TLYRA was pressing for resignation of law minister Zahid Hamid after several rounds of dialogue remained futile.

The report states that top brass of of TLYRA were exasperated after police operation—instructed on orders of interior ministry—failed miserably. However, ISI officials brokered agreement between enraged protesters and the federal government.

The report further adds that TLYRA extended the list of their demands as they sensed support from large segments of society. It was none other than ISI who forced them to remain limited to their previous demands.

The report further states that botched operation against protesters had failed owing to miserable coordination between Islamabad Police and Rawalpindi Police.  


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