Armeena Khan reaches Jordan to help Syrian refugees


Pakistani actress Armeena Khan has reached Jordan to help the Syrian refugee who has announced that she would be joining Human Rights Foundation (HRF) to collect donations for the refugees from the battle-weary land.

Janaan actress is using her social media to post updates regularly of her trip to Jordan to reassure the people that their donation has been provided to refugees.

The actress visited homes of refugees to hear their accounts first-hand.

“I wanted to share something with you guys. My mother told me a long time ago that whatever you do in life, always maintain your humanity and don’t forget that God does not like arrogance, such were the lessons taught to me when I was little. I started this Syrian journey with my moms prayers. It is HER dream that I am living right now and her wish that I am fulfilling. It is such a sweet thing and I wanted to share her messages. My heart swells when I read these. This is why I think mothers are so sacred and a lot of these Syrian kids have lost theirs. This is where you come in, you guys are amazing human beings, you’ve helped me put a smile on these children’s faces even if it is for a bit. I am amazed at the love, support and the donations pouring in, I am grateful FROM the heart Thank you so much. I begin day two with my mother in my thoughts,” Armeena revealed on Instagram.


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